The news about Trophy Park and the plans for making it a hub for youth sports tournaments, camps and events is drawing international interest as well. Recently representatives from three major European sports organizations expressed interest in competing at Trophy Park.

“We would certainly be interested in attending a tournament at the Trophy Park facility. It appears to be developing all of the components that would interest Huddersfield Town in participating in a high level tournament in the USA.” Lee Bromby, Huddersfield Town Youth Development Director

“Manchester United are always interested in attending high level international tournaments. Trophy Park appears to be an environment that would appeal to our academy teams. We look forward to attending a high level event once the complex is completed.” Hasney Aljofree, Man Utd U12 & U14 Head Coach

“With this type of multi-purpose sports facility in development, and the proximity to NYC and other major attractions close by, Trophy Park can provide a professional and multi-cultural experience that premier league academy and youth team players will enjoy and learn from. We will certainly be interested in exploring the potential of attending highly competitive top-class soccer events at Trophy Park in the future.” Stephen Torpey, Head of Youth Development at Manchester City




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